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Heart Health Webinar Series

Join us for an informative, educational, and motivating webinar series about heart health.


There are no upcoming webinars at this time. Please check back, or watch our library of webinars below.



Fuel Your Heart with Purpose with Anna Hall of The Purpose Equation®. During this interactive workshop, we will explore the meaning and value of purpose. Learn evidence-based behaviors you can activate in your daily life to increase your sense of purpose, which can positively impact your heart health. We'll explore defining purpose, igniting joy, feeling love, leveraging strengths, and reducing stress. WATCH RECORDING

Fuel Your Heart with Medical Knowledge from a trusted cardiologist. Learn about health, wellbeing, nutrition, and medication management from Dr. Sodhi of Sutter Health.

Fuel Your Heart with Nutritious Snacks by celebrity Chef Jet Tila. Chef Tila will share healthy shopping tips, and you will get to see a demo of how easy it is to make delicious, healthy treats. WATCH RECORDING

Fuel Your Heart with Movement by Emily Johnson of StrongerU Senior Fitness. Learn how to start, or progress, your fitness routine to support a healthy heart including reviewing the research behind which cardio exercises are best for your personal fitness routine. WATCH RECORDING


This webinar series is open for the public to attend.

We know residents and participants of our 30+ communities and programs in Northern California benefit from having opportunities to listen to and embrace the advice of health and wellness experts. In addition to supporting these individuals, promoting the well-being of all older adults throughout the region is an important part of Eskaton’s vision of Transforming the Aging Experience. As such, we offer an extensive library of educational resources and materials to empower older adults in reaching their health and wellness goals. 

The registration form has been closed. Thank you for your interest!