Understanding Diabetes

Be well. Take power over diabetes.

Eskaton is here to help manage diabetes for you and your loved ones. At our communities, we provide a comprehensive method to diabetic management to empower you. Our program includes these key elements:

Understand diabetes to give you control
Education is key to understanding how diabetes affects your body. We involve you and your family in creating your personalized plan of care.

Know the importance of diet
We feature diabetic-friendly options at every meal. We’ll teach you how to choose wisely.

Watch the video of Eskaton Chef Kary Saunders prepare healthy eating options including sliders, salads, fish, snacks and even dessert.

Effectively communicate with team members
Residents and families benefit by knowing what to report and what questions to ask.

Manage your medications and supplements
We’ll assist you in taking the right medications at the right time.

Understand the importance of exercise
Be active. We’ll show you how and give you opportunities.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes, here are some available resources:

Contact us to find out which community is right for you .