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Eskaton LP Food

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Living at a senior living community that includes dining options means freedom from having to shop for groceries, cook meals, do the dishes or worry about what foods you should be eating to support your health and well-being. Despite all these benefits, it’s perfectly natural to think: “Sounds great, but will I like the food? Is there variety to the menu, or options to choose from?”

Download your free ebook, A Taste of Eskaton, to get a better idea of the culinary experience that awaits you at Eskaton. Learn more about:

  • What’s on the menu for a brunch, lunch or dinner
  • What dishes are resident favorites
  • Eskaton’s commitment to fresh, locally-sourced products
  • Healthy eating tips from our dieticians and chefs
  • What it’s like having us cook for you

Eskaton knows that when food is delicious and nutritious, our residents are happier and healthier. Download this guide today to discover how Eskaton is forging a new path in senior living cuisine!

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